About eOffice:
The e-Office product pioneered by National Informatics Centre(NIC) aims to support governance by using in more effective and transparent inter and intra-government processes. E-File, an integral part of e-Office suite is a system designed for the Government departments, PSU’s Autonomous bodies to enable a paperless office by scanning, registering and routing the inward correspondence attachment, draft for approvals and finally movement of files as well as receipts.
Ergo, to raise the operational efficiency of the government machinery by switching over to a “Less Paper Office”, e-Office project was introduced as an effective platform. Different sections that constitute e-File application are receipts, files, dispatch, reports, and so on. Each section comprises of different links that helps the user to easily utilize the functionalities of different sections of the e-File.
The step-wise journey of e-Office implementation in Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited and its Subsidiary Companies is described below:
The initial undertakers took it forward with initial EMD creation and facilitated streamlined passing of work from one level to another.
And the EMD (Employee Master Data), the very first step of e-Office was created ensuring a consistent master data for all employees of BSP(H)CL, BSPTCL, BSPGCL, NBPDCL & SBPDCL.
After creation of EMD, file head template(FHT) was taken from all companies and that further helped to create a new file in e-Office.
Finally, the e-Office software was implemented in BSP(H)CL and its subsidiary companies by 11.01.2017.
On March 3rd, 2017 Inauguration of e-Office in BSP(H)CL and its subsidiary companies was done by Shri Pratyaya Amrit CMD,BSP(H)CL.

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