Barauni Thermal Power Station

Barauni Thermal Power Station
The Barauni Thermal Station was established with the technical help of Yugoslavia and Poland, while the USA helped finance the project. The foundation stone of the Barauni station was laid by late Dr. Krishna Singh, Chief Minister of Bihar on January 26, 1960.
Unit III and II, supplied by a Yugoslavian company on a turnkey basis, was commissioned in 1963 while Unit I was commissioned by the end of 1966. All the three units were of 15MW. Te total capital investment was Rs. 6.7 crore. Unit III was shut down in 1983 after 1,13,013 hours and 39 minutes of operation and Unit I and II was shut down in 1985 after operation of 64,658 hours and 52 minutes, and 94,752 hours and 54 minutes respectively.
Two more units (Unit IV and V) of 50MW each were commissioned in 1969 and 1971 respectively. Major equipments of these units was supplied from Poland. Total capital investment in construction of both the units ran to 20.69 crore. Both the units were shut down in 1995 after operation of 1,07,399 hours and 21 minutes, and 76,150 hours and 49 minutes respectively.
To meet the rising demand and rapid growth of industry in the region, further extension of the power station was contemplated by adding two units of 110 MW each. The foundation stone for which was laid in 1976 by the Chief Minister of Bihar, Dr. Jagannath Mishra. Unit VI was commissioned in 1983 and Unit VII in 1985. After operation of about 26 years, both units are under R&M and COD of Unit VII is expected soon.
On the direction of Ministry of Power, Government of India, efforts were made to explore the possibility of setting up two units of 250MW each to replace the obsolete units. Finally, ash dyke area of the existing units has been selected for Unit VIII and IX. The civil works of two units was taken up in January.2012. BHEL is the main supplier of equipments and materials and EPC contractor for erection and commissioning works. The commissioning of both the units is expected by March,2017.